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A Brief History Of Handbages And Purses

from: Cindy Stewart

What is a handbag?

The term handbag is a rather literal description of most purses: a bag held by a hand. A handbag is simply a purse. It is an American term and usually refers to smaller purses, also known as coin purses, pocket books, and clutches.

Early handbags

Among the first handbags and purses where simple bags used to hold money usually tied to a man's belt or a woman's girdle during the fourteenth century. But archeological excavations in Egypt have shown images of men with small bags tied clearly to their waists. While clearly not a new concept, the handbag has come to be far more than a sack for holding coins. The evolution of the purse is inevitably linked to changes in fashion and culture.

Changes in Style

When changes in fashion, during the nineteenth century made it harder to conceal a coin pursed designed to be word underneath clothing, the handbag began to come into use. In 1892 French luggage designer Louis Vuitton began selling handbags.

Over the years handbags have developed in every shape and size. They can have short straps, long straps, no straps at all, bamboo handles and just about anything else.

Buying Handbags

There are so many different styles of handbags available on the market now that sifting through the myriad of styles to find the perfect bag would be quiet an achievement. With the growth of designer fashion it is possible to find handbags to match the most unique dress. It is also common for women to buy different handbags to suit different occasions.

While the sheer variety of handbags available can seem almost ridiculous, the handbag is an extremely individual accessory. Everyone carries a bag for specific and personal reasons. It may hold simply money but it may also hold a wide collection of other valuables that range from cell phones and keys to make-up and medicine.

Designer Handbags

In the fashion world there are bags and there are Designer bags. Designer handbags are finely crafted objects. A great deal of attention is given to even line and seem of a designer bag, and the effects can be striking. Designer handbags are luxury items and are very expensive. Many designer names are perceived as status symbols. Because of the popularity of designer bags an increasing number of bags made in imitation of designer bags are being made and those looking into buying designer bags must be wary of these knock-offs.

About the Author

Cindy Stewart has worked in the fashion industry for over 23 years. To learn more about designer handbags visit her Web site http://www.designerhandbagreview.com today. Don't miss the information on spotting fakes. It'll save you lots of money.


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